ROI in 6 Months with Security Services

This edition of Allot MobileTrends highlights the increasing online security challenges and how communication service providers (CSPs) can profitably address these needs by delivering SECaaS (Security-as-a-Service) to consumers.

Key findings include:

  • SECaaS is an effective engine for CSP revenue generation and churn reduction
  • Full ROI in 5-7 months can be achieved with incremental pricing for premium SECaaS (6 months on average)
  • Annual ROI for premium SECaaS can be more than 250%
  • Network-based Parental Control and Anti-Malware services create customer stickiness that can reduce CSP churn rates by as much as 2.4% annually
  • 2.4% annual churn savings from SECaaS may cover the cost of deployment and operation on its own

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