App-Centric Operators on the Rise

Globally, Operators are introducing service plan offerings based on creative ecosystem partnerships between service providers and content providers.

Globally, Operators around the globe are transforming into much more than Internet data pipes selling bandwidth. They are now on the path to becoming providers of digital lifestyle services to their subscribers.

Globally, Operators are cooperating with content providers to offer application-centric plans together with some of today’s most popular Internet giants realizing that unique plans for popular apps are valuable assets in local markets.

Findings that we explore further in this MobileTrends Charging Report H1, 2014, include the following highlights:

  • 85% of operators are leveraging OTT apps to attract customers, increase ARPU. On average, operators who offer application-centric plans show higher ARPU and lower churn.
  • More mobile operators are choosing to collaborate with OTT app and content providers. 37% of operators had at least one OTT partnership, up from 26% in 2012.
  • Facebook is mobile operators’ top choice for zero-rated apps.45% of operators offer at least one zero-rated app, and 65% of those zero-rate Facebook.