A Comprehensive Unified Security Solution

McAfee Unified Security powered by Allot is a Security as a Service (SECaaS) platform that combines Allot’s network security products and Intel Security Group’s end point products in one offer. It enables CSPs to provide comprehensive security services in a single platform, across all devices and networks, creating incremental revenue and increasing customer retention, whilst reducing complexity for the user.

This platform provides on- and off-network security, on all major platforms, both fixed and mobile. Scalable to millions of users, simple to manage for operators and simple for end-users to set-up, the McAfee Unified Security solution powered by Allot, provides the following benefits:

  • Simple to activate for the end user: enabling effective onboarding, bundling, trial-opt-in and trial-opt-out
  • Increased customer engagement, monetization and upsell opportunities
  • Service aware: offering multi-channel status, reports and notifications for high service retention
  • Web and Email protection against bots, malware, phishing and spam
  • Security for all devices: PCs, tablets, smartphones, appliances, gadgets and other IoT devices, on and off net
  • Parental control over apps, websites and ads, both time and location-based