Deploying products that optimize and secure your network is most effective when we deliver and manage them in a way that suits your organization the most. Allot delivers its solutions in hardware and virtual editions in order to meet your needs.



Allot’s high-performance platforms are built to power the delivery of digital lifestyle services, quality of experience and security in all networks, whether they are fixed, mobile or on the cloud. Highly scalable, Allot platforms let you integrate value-added services from other leading vendors while minimizing interoperability and integration issues, helping you control and optimize the heaviest traffic loads and ensuring that your network keeps pace with the growing demand for differentiated services and quality of experience. From our small footprint appliances to our flexible, multi-blade chassis-based hardware, Allot helps you tailor capacity, throughput and value-added services to fit the requirements of any network and scale up as your requirements grow. And with Allot, you can achieve rapid and cost-effective roll-out of revenue-generating services whilst accelerating your ROI and lowering your total cost of ownership.


Virtual Editions

Allot can power its intelligence, security and personalization services as virtual network functions (VNFs) that operate seamlessly and consistently across your core network and into the cloud. With Allot Virtual Editions, you can deliver some or all of Allot’s market-leading services from a virtualized service delivery framework, giving you extreme flexibility for expansions and new service projects, reducing costs and accelerating time to market.


Allot Solutions for Service Providers

Data Sheet

Allot Service Gateway Virtual Edition

Additional Products

Unified Management

Centralized network-wide policy management, traffic monitoring, and usage reporting, to deliver network business intelligence essential for IP service optimization.

Allot DDoS Secure

Protecting data networks against the increasing scale and complexity of inbound and outbound cyberattack.

Allot NetworkSecure

Your vantage point for network-wide visibility, security and control of all network traffic, application performance and user QoE, customizable according to your priorities.

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Real-Time Network Monitoring

Up-to-the-second visibility to help you troubleshoot faster and maximize network efficiency

QoS Traffic Shaping

Automate your ability to maximize subscriber Quality of Experience and network efficiency with Allot's powerful policy control

VAS Traffic Steering & Service Chaining

Interoperability and Allot know-how help you implement the VAS use cases that are right for your business and budget.

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