Bot Detection & Mitigation

Don’t let your IT assets participate in DDoS or SPAM botnets that compromise the integrity of your network

Detect and quarantine bot-infected hosts and devices to stop them damaging network performance and data integrity

Is your organization protected against botnets launched from inside your network? Allot provides fast detection and mitigation of botnets that originate from compromised devices connected to your network, ensuring that you and your customers won’t fall victim to attacks, wherever they originate.

Robust Security on Both Sides

While you may be well-resourced to defend your business against external cyberattacks, an increasingly serious security challenge comes from attacks originating from within your network. A fast-growing diversity of vulnerable IoT devices now access organizations’ networks. Huge numbers of them can become conduits for malware to infiltrate your network as it turns these compromised devices into botnets that can launch powerful outbound DDoS attacks from inside your network. However, many current anti-DDoS solutions are blind to this kind of outbound traffic. The solution? Allot’s bot containment detects all suspicious activity, identifies and blocks anomalous behavior, and isolates misbehaving or infected IoT devices from the network as needed. Already integrated into Allot multiservice platforms, Allot’s bot containment solution can be easily deployed in the network to complete the security you need, both inbound and now outbound.

Security driven by Allot’sHost Behavior Anomaly Detection (HBAD) technology

Allot’s Host Behavior Anomaly Detection (HBAD) technology monitors and learns the normal traffic patterns in your network. A normal traffic profile is achieved and is continuously refined so that traffic anomalies can be instantly spotted. This enables you to quickly identify anomalous endpoint activity, attempts to port scan connected devices by already-infected IoT devices, and suspicious traffic that acts like outbound spam. With this intelligence, you can detect all suspicious activity, identify and block anomalous behavior, and isolate misbehaving or infected IoT devices from the network, thereby strengthening your network’s defense. This is achieved simply by ͞switching on͟ both DDoS Protection and bot containment services in Allot Service Gateway platforms, managed via a virtualized control console that gives you real-time alerts, event reports and accurate threat intelligence.

Solution Brief
Allot Secure Service Gateway: Network Visibility, Security and Control in a Single Platform
Introducing Allot Secure Service Gateway

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