Web Security

Protect your business against ransomware, botnets, malware and other web threats

Allot Solutions for Web Security

Are your users and endpoints fully protected from online threats? Are your endpoints secured against botnet infection? And can you reduce your company’s exposure to risk from BYOD and unsanctioned and risky applications? Allot Web Security solutions provide a secure on-line experience for enterprise, including anti-malware, anti-phishing and anti-botnet capabilities to make the business environment safer and more productive.

Secure Web Gateway

Granular visibility and protection against web threats, phishing and ransomware, and control over risky and web sites and applications, for a secure and productive on-line experience

Bot Detection & Mitigation

Detect and quarantine bot-infected hosts and devices to stop them propagating and damaging network performance and data integrity

Ministry of Education, APAC

Reinforce network service continuity by identifying and blocking Bot infected endpoints that originate attacks from inside the network.

Allot Secure Service Gateway Solutions

Comprehensive network visibility, security and control in a single appliance.

Comprehensive network visibility, security and control in a single appliance, enabling enterprises to enhance productivity and protect their networks and users against DDoS and web threats – at significantly lower TCO.

Learn about Network Visibility, Security and Control in a single platform especially for Enterprise

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