Make Your Business Environment Safer and More Productive with Allot Multiservice Platforms

Allot Web Security solutions are designed to provide the enterprise workforce a secure on-line experience. Allot multiservice platforms combine web URL and content filtering, anti-malware, and mail security with application visibility and control to enable enterprises to make their business environment safer and more productive.

Application Visibility and Control

Allot enables you to protect your enterprise network against a growing number of threats that other security measures do not address – especially transactions and communications that circumvent your network security perimeter. Innocent use of social networks and Shadow IT such as file-sharing, online storage, and collaboration apps often create a “backdoor” for cybercriminals to introduce malware or steal corporate documents. Another concern is corporate data placed on public cloud drives of ex-employees. Allot also helps you detect and block inherently risky applications such as “anonymizers”, which by their very nature constitute a security threat. With Allot, you gain granular visibility and valuable intelligence regarding application usage and security events on your network, as well as the ability to control them.

Web Filtering

The right Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is a formidable tool in your security arsenal – especially if your business increasingly relies on cloud-based applications and user mobility. Allot Web Filtering makes it easy and economical to assure safe-browsing and productive use of the Internet, and to prevent employee exposure to illegal or inappropriate content in the workplace. Coupled with application control you can define and enforce a comprehensive Acceptable Use Policy that is tuned to the needs of employees, guests, and customers; reduces the attack surface by blocking risky applications and web sites and still meets the needs of different departments and branch offices. Allot’s real-time classification and filtering of Web content per your AUP enables your organization to create a secure and productive work environment for everyone.


Allot anti-malware powered by industry-leading anti-malware engines protects Internet users from viruses, ransomware, Trojans, adware, etc. by inspecting the content of email and websites, and blocks access to known infected sites based on Allot’s threat intelligence. Since it is network-based and constantly updated, your employees and guests are safe with the latest protections against new malware. Methods to identify malware include heuristics analysis that detects polymorphic viruses.

Extensible Security Platform

Full integration in Allot’s multiservice platforms drives efficiencies in on-premise, cloud, and hybrid deployments, which help you reduce TCO. With Allot’s unified platform, you get comprehensive web and application security, together with powerful visibility and control, which provide valuable insights regarding the usage patterns and security events on your network. You can also activate Allot anti-DDoS and anti-Bot protection in the same platform, enabling cost-efficient deployment of multiple security measures.

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Product Perspective

Allot Web Security solutions are designed specifically for enterprise networks. They include web (URL) filtering, anti-malware, and mail security, are fully integrated with application visibility and control capabilities, enabling you to make your business environment safer and more productive. Read More »

Product Perspective

Allot Secure Service Gateway provides powerful network-based web security for your network and your users, protecting them against malicious and inappropriate content for a safer on-line experience Read More »

Success Story

Our technology delivers a high level of visibility, security and control with flexible, simple, scalable and cost-effective solutions that are easy to deploy and manage, and can support multiple types of end-devices, operating systems, user profiles, and HTTPS traffic. Read More »