Maximizing Application Performance to Optimize Enterprise Network Efficiency

The efficiency of enterprise networks is under intensified pressure from increased complexity deriving from application interdependencies, cloud migration and an escalating demand for bandwidth, brought about by an increasing volume of business applications, more use of bandwidth-heavy media such as video, and growth in non-business-related traffic. There is growing recognition in the industry and among customers that tools network operations have today are ineffective in both areas of visibility and control.

What Does this Mean for Enterprise Networks?

In order to maintain the quality of experience (QoE) for network users, enterprises need to identify, understand and control traffic at both user and application levels and at the network topology level. Plus they need better tools to manage resources so that their allocation is aligned with business priorities. This requires the capability to identify and prioritize applications, control Shadow IT, and block applications that pose risks, like peer to peer and anonymizers. They need a solution that can handle the complexities of the network by providing granular policies per application, network location and user, and identify and respond to issues in real time. And the solution must be scalable, so that it can grow as your business and your network grows.

How can Allot help?

Allot’s solutions include powerful network analytics that provide comprehensive visibility to enable control of application performance, web access, user quality of experience, shadow IT and web threats. They allow you to virtually partition LAN, WAN and Internet resources so that users and applications no longer compete with one another for bandwidth and Quality of Service (QoS). For example, to improve user experience, you can dedicate minimum bandwidth to collaboration applications or prioritize real-time point-of-sale and inventory transactions over non-essential traffic. Likewise, you can block access to shadow IT or limit the use of recreational apps that could impact network and data security. Key control capabilities include:

  • Central and simple QoS policy management
  • Supporting hundreds of thousands of dynamic traffic policies
  • Automated QoS policy propagation to all deployed appliances
  • Asymmetric QoS policy synchronized in real time across multiple datacenters
  • Threshold-based enforcement (e.g., CER, live connections)
  • Actionable alarms

Traffic management

Allot’s powerful policy tools help you define and enforce Acceptable Use Policy and prioritize the most business-critical applications. Then this is implemented via comprehensive traffic management that organizes and prioritizes traffic flow, applies expedited forwarding for important applications, operates rate limits for lower-priority applications, and blocks others to avoid congestion and enhance QoS.

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Technology Perspective

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Solution Brief

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Success Story

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