Acceptable Use Policy Control

Assure Performance. Enhance Productivity. Secure your enterprise.

Ensure your network is used most efficiently to meet your business priorities, maximize productivity and protect your organization

Does your network serve your organization as efficiently as possible? Are you using your bandwidth cost-effectively? And does it maximize productivity? Use Allot’s superior traffic analysis to apply acceptable use policies that enable you to answer these questions confidently and positively.

Improve productivity with flexible Acceptable Use Policy control

More and more applications used by businesses and employees consume an increasing quantity of bandwidth, including many that may not be business-critical, such as social media, webmail, instant messaging, anonymizers, games and other inappropriate content. This large volume of traffic puts pressure on networks that can compromise network and application performance. Allot helps you mitigate this problem and ensure that your network and applications are aligned with your organization’s priorities. Allot’s granular traffic analysis informs acceptable use policies that you can define to control what flows through your network and ensure that it isn’t congested by non-critical traffic. This assures the performance of critical applications, enhances productivity by reducing extraneous bandwidth consumption and reduces bandwidth costs. Acceptable Use Policy Control is a valuable tool for getting the most from your network to serve your needs.

Matching Efficiency with Security

In addition to prioritizing business-critical bandwidth consumption, organizations are now more aware that widespread application use presents a potential security challenge. Accessing inessential or inappropriate content and applications can make your network more vulnerable to security breaches. Acceptable Use Policies, coupled with real-time network intelligence and application-level controls therefore safeguard your organization from these threats by blocking and limiting access to applications designated as non-critical, forbidden or harmful. Allot’s technology enables you to classify traffic, identify threats, and distinguish what should be permitted or blocked, then apply this intelligence to define policies specific to your organization, that can both secure and optimize your network.

World Flight Services uses Acceptable Use Policy Control to regulate network efficiency and business productivity

Threat Bulletin
High-risk Apps

Are you concerned about high-risk apps on your network? Allot’s solutions for application control can assist.

Supporting Products

Allot Secure Service Gateway
Network Visibility, Security and Control in a single integrated platform
Allot Gateway Manager
A central vantage point for network-wide configuration, policy management, and hitless updates to the traffic classification engine inside every Allot multiservice platform

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