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University of Ryukyus Puts P2P Abusers to the Test

About University of the Ryukyus

University of the Ryukyus is a ‘national university corporation’ located in the town of Nishihara in Okinawa Honto on Okinawa Island, Japan. Founded in 1950, it is among the most prestigious universities in the Okinawa-Kyushu area, boasting a large medical school and many distinguished faculty members

Optmizing the Performance and Security of the University Network

The Computing and Networking Center is the main provider of internal and external computing resources for the entire University campus. As the scope of network usage continues to grow, incorporating more applications and users than ever before, technical staff at the center were constantly searching for new and effective solutions to help maintain reliable access and performance. Network Administrator at the Computing and Network Center, Yasuji Ohkawa’s first and foremost concern was to provide network users with a safe and optimal network environment. “We’ve been always thinking hard about how to provide a free and safe environment. The first step was to monitor our day-to-day network,” noted Ohkawa.

However, when Center IT staff looked to their existing monitoring tools provided by the network router, they realized they did not have the application and protocol monitoring capabilities they needed. Moreover, when JASRAC (Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers) notified universities of their request to protect copyrights, the Center was faced with yet another limitation that needed to be placed on its bandwidth usage. Although they needed to place limitations on the P2P applications that facilitate copyright infringement, they knew they could not deny students and faculty the use of them for research purposes.

Global Visibility and Dynamic Application Management

Staff members went in search of a solution to provide them full network visibility and per application control. “We examined other companies’ products, but it was only NetEnforcer that made traffic flows visible in real-time. We also appreciated the ability to shape P2P traffic dynamically and dictate usage policies per user,” says Ohkawa. They also found the NetEnforcer very easy to install. Network administrator Ohkawa comments, “NetEnforcer was so easy to set up that I didn’t even need the manual.”
In addition to monitoring traffic flows, the Center steadily implemented traffic shaping solutions to manage the use of applications such as P2P. In compliance with the JASRAC notification, NeEnforcer lets the Center block Winny and WinMX traffic, and at the same time, to allocate bandwidth for the use of other P2P applications used for research purposes.
NetEnforcer also lets the IT staff drill down to identify specific applications that should not be running across the WAN, and to take the necessary corrective action. During a per-user email tracking session, tech staff at the Center identified an abnormal number of new connections from the same email user. NetEnforcer correctly identified it to be an email spam attempt and immediately isolated the infected PC from the network. “We have better network security now that we can identify such threats and limit the impact they have on the environment,” says Ohkawa.

We appreciated the ability to shape P2P application traffic dynamically and dictate usage policies per user.

Yasuji Ohkawa

Network Administrator


To create a safe and optimal network environment for University faculty and students by understanding network usage and enforcing University policies.


The Allot NetEnforcer provided full visibility and control, per application and per user.


  • A smooth-running network environment
  • Compliance with copyright protection regulations
  • Enhanced security