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University of Bath Ensures Equitable Bandwidth Using Allot NetEnforcer Solution

About University of Bath

The University of Bath is rated in the top dozen universities in the UK. Its research is internationally-respected, and its students are in high demand. The University’s buildings are set in an attractive campus about a mile from the centre of Bath, a World Heritage City. The University has 3200 bedrooms for students in Bath, of which two-thirds are located on campus. Its 12,000 students enjoy a particularly advanced IT environment to match the University’s international, teaching and research reputation. Students and staff alike benefit from a unique IT environment with a network carrying the triple play of IPTV, IP telephony and broadband access.

Bandwidth Management to Optimize Services

The University of Bath’s computing network is high-speed and extends to all university buildings, including student residences. Residential students can connect to the network from their rooms and anyone (staff, students, or visitors) can plug in their laptop at one of the docking points around campus, or use the wireless network. Although the university network was designed to support mainly the delivery of its educational applications, it also carries a wide range of IP-based entertainment services. University network operators wanted to be capable of offering equal facilities to all network users, regardless of where they were living. Student residences are all connected to the University network via a fibre optic infrastructure recently installed by the University in conjunction with a provider throughout the city. This enables the delivery of both educational and entertainment services to off-campus students at a comparative level to those residing on site. Once the baseline bandwidth had been established, the University’s network operators wished to manage the bandwidth so that network performance and service levels were optimized. They were also concerned with the legality of the file-sharing activity occurring on the University network. Being a highly tech-savvy environment, the University’s bandwidth was quickly being consumed and network performance was at risk. When network operators realised that adding bandwidth was a high-cost solution of only short-term value, they began searching for a bandwidth management solution that would see them into the future. They needed to gain network visibility as well as the ability to make changes dynamically. The main goal of the project was two-fold – to guarantee network users equitable bandwidth at all times, yet allow users the freedom to access the network for any legal purpose they desired

IP Performance Ltd, Optimizing Performance

The University of Bath’s network operators turned to their technology vendor IP Performance Ltd for advice on the purchase and installation of a bandwidth management solution and were recommended the Allot NetEnforcer. After a brief and successful trial deployment, The University opted for the Allot DPI-based bandwidth management solution, composed of two NetEnforcer AC-402’s (100Mbps). They have since upgraded to the NetEnforcer AC-2500 (1G) and the NetXplorer centralized management system, used to optimize the performance of the entire network and provide scalability into the future.

We were one of the first universities to go live with a 24/7 library service of 500 PCs available any time. There are wireless networks, e-lounges, PC labs, and we’re now putting in access points in sitting areas.

Network Manager


To create an optimal network environment for University faculty staff and students by understanding network usage and upholding University policies.


The Allot NetEnforcer provided full visibility and control, per application and per user.


  • A smooth-running network environment
  • Compliance with copyright protection regulations
  • Enhanced services and user-experience