NSSL Deploys Allot’s NetEnforcer to Deliver Satellite-based Broadband Internet Access to Superyachts Worldwide

About NSSL

NSSL Ltd is an independent service provider for satellite communications solutions and one of the top Inmarsat service providers worldwide. With a wide range of services and extensive experience of systems integration and application development, they are strong in the maritime, government, energy, media, finance and corporate sectors. They provide voice, data and broadband solutions anywhere in the world. Established in 1969, NSSL plays a key role in developing new systems and applications for the Inmarsat network. Based in Redhill, Surrey, NSSL has 75 employees and a network of agents and engineers worldwide to provide service support to a global customer base. NSSL is one of the leading service providers for a range of market sectors with remote connectivity needs, among them the maritime market.  They provide equipment, installation, commissioning and service support which include essential navigation and commercial communications equipment to offshore and leisure customers worldwide.

Delivering 2-Way Satellite Communications

Clients using 2-way Satellite Internet service connect to the internet via an Earth Station consisting of a satellite dish with receiving and transmitting capabilities. Satellite Service Provider NSSL ensures broadband Internet access from virtually anywhere in the world, making satellite-based services an ideal solution for NSSL’s fleet of superyacht customers. Communications are delivered via satellite, and controlled via two earth stations located in Jacksonville, Florida and in Irvine, California.  The earth stations send and receive signals to a satellite in geostationary orbit around the Earth. The satellite communicates with another earth station which is connected to the Internet.

Taking Off Without Taking On More Costs

Because of the unique ability of satellite communications service providers to deliver to extremely remote and unequipped locations, NSSL are seeing a constant rise in the number of users and range of applications on their networks around the world. Although this can easily lead to a slowdown in service due to overcrowding, simply ‘adding bandwidth’ as a cure for service degradation was clearly not an option. This is why NSSL began its search for a solution that would let them optimize the traffic traversing their networks without expanding infrastructures.  “Because satellite capacity is so expensive – it’s orders of magnitude more expensive than terrestrial broadband – it’s very important that we control the use of that capacity on the satellite very accurately,” comments Ian Lewis, NSSL Engineering Manager. In light of the highly complex technologies required to enable satellite communications services, there are two main challenges involved in its delivery:

  • Extremely expensive infrastructures leave little room for excessive operational expenditures
  • Highly complex communications technologies must be constantly monitored and optimized  to ensure a high Quality of Experience (QoE)

Because satellite capacity is so expensive, it’s very important that we control the use of that capacity on the satellite very accurately.”


To deliver highest quality satellite-based Internet access services to yachts at sea


NetEnforcer, managed by the NetXplorer with NX Reporter


  • Tiered SLAs
  • Dynamic QoS
  • Long-term and real-time reporting