Ministry of Education, Asia


Ministry of Education Implements Full Security Solution for National Education Network

About the Ministry of Education Network

A Ministry of Education in Asia operates a national network through which it provides IT services such as remote learning, school administration and research. The network connects schools in 35,000 locations to Datacenters and the Internet and as part of a broader national digital initiative connects to other Educational networks, such as the national university network. The network serves millions of users that leverage the applications and connectivity provided by the Ministry of Education for the advancement of the country’s education.

The Challenge

The educational network had to be secure, reliable and fast, but unlike a corporate network had to serve very different types of users  including schoolchildren, faculty and administration, of whom some connect with their own device.

The key security requirements included blocking access to inappropriate content for the schoolchildren, blocking access to malware infected web sites and malware downloads and a high level of service availability that was emphasized after several government websites including the Ministry of Education had been hit the year before by a distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, making them impossible to access.

The challenge was to deliver a versatile, simple and scalable security solution that would be centrally deployed and managed. The solution needed to support multiple types of end-devices (desktops, laptops and tablets, for example), operating systems and user-profiles, and HTTPS traffic. Transparent and frequent updates were required and easy maintenance was essential.

Allot Solution

In Q1, 2016, Allot implemented a centralized network-based solution consisting of three main components. Allot Service Gateway Tera, our flagship multi-service delivery platform, was deployed to act as a central hub for the Ministry of Education to achieve a high level of visibility, security and control. With Tera as the basis of the solution, the the Ministry activated Allot WebSafe Business to provide safe browsing via web (URL) filtering, anti-malware, application control, mail security and ads blocking services, which enable the network’s users to use internet resources safely and productively. Finally Allot Service Protector, our DDoS protection solution, which is fully integrated in Tera was also activated. Service Protector prevents DDoS attacks from external sources by identifying, mitigating and reporting them, and it reinforces service continuity by identifying and blocking Bot infected endpoints that originate attacks from inside the network. The Service Protector was initially activated in monitoring mode, and shortly afterwards, the Ministry of Education experienced an attack. Without hesitation the Service Protector was put into prevent mode, immediately blocked the attack and restored service.



Provide a full security solution and reliable and fast internet access for a national education network, available for multiple types of end-devices, operating systems and user-profiles.


Deploy Allot Service Gateway Tera as a central hub, with Allot Service Protector providing DDoS protection and service continuity, and apply Allot WebSafe Business to provide safe browsing, anti-malware, mail security and ads blocking.


  • Single, overall solution for a network of thousands of sites and users
  • Assures comprehensive security
  • Delivers consistent quality of service
  • Reduces costs and TCO
  • Scalable
  • Easy to manage
  • Provides customer & user satisfaction