Converged Network Operator, LATAM


Actionable Analytics Help Operator Prevent Fraud on Application-Based Services

About the Operator

Our customer is a multinational telecom service provider, operating both mobile and fixed networks in Latin America and the Caribbean. Serving more than six million customers and 100,000 corporate clients in more than 40 countries, this provider holds leading market positions in each country where it operates.

The Challenge

Our service provider operates in very price-sensitive markets where mobile customers are mostly prepaid and fierce competition makes it easy for them to churn. The service provider offers a basic prepaid service plan with pay-as-you-go top-ups, as well as premium upgrade plans with different data allowances. They wanted a zero-rated application-based charging solution that would add value to the existing premium service plans and encourage pre-paid customers to upgrade.

The mobile network solution had to deliver precise application detection. Unlike the provider’s existing DPI/TDF deployment, it had to overcome encryption challenges and be granular enough to allow differentiated real-time charging for different content types. This would enable the provider to offer application-based service plans, for example, allowing subscribers to add specified zero-rated specified application usage, such as Whatsapp IM, on top of a data plan. Analytics was needed to monitor these new application-based service plans and deliver network insights that would allow the operator to proactively respond to application usage trends, quality of experience (QoE) issues, or abnormal network activity.

On the landline side of the business, our service provider lacked business intelligence for effective targeting of marketing promotions that could attract new customers and grow revenues from existing customers by engaging them more individually.

Allot Solution

Allot provided a comprehensive application-visibility and charging solution for the customer’s converged network (both mobile and fixed-line services) to support the deployment of attractive new application-based service plans and promotions. Allot multiservice platforms provide unified visibility and control of mobile and cable network traffic. Having deployed this solution, Allot analytics also helped the service provider detect fraud and implement methods to thwart fraudsters. 


Lack of insight into customer and network usage hindered CSP ability to craft service plans that were right for their customers


Granular and precise analytics and application-based charging  


  • Centralized solution for all markets and stakeholders
  • Granular visibility into customer and network usage
  • Increased revenues through application-based service plans
  • Revenue leakage prevention