ISP Cyber Attack


International Cyber Attack Successfully Thwarted by Allot ServiceProtector

About the Tier-1 ISP

Our customer is the oldest-established Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the country where it operates, providing rich variety of Internet experience and service capabilities to local consumers. After merging and becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of a local mobile operator, their service offering expanded significantly. Today the company holds 36% market share of ISP services to the private sector with more than 550,000 high speed Internet customers. The company provides advanced Internet communication solutions, added value services, and international calls for government organizations, businesses, and consumers. The ISP also offers a range of advanced information security services, hosting services, anti-virus services, and website filtering, and an array of the most advanced telephony products and services.


To optimize network performance and provide quality Internet service, this ISP was one of the first to deploy Allot Service Gateways at their Internet exchange points in Europe and England This gave the operator full policy-based control over Internet traffic, allowing them to offer tiered service packages and control congestion. In addition, the ISP sought to protect its commercial network as well as hosted customer resources from DoS/DDoS flooding and other forms of malicious attack that could compromise service availability. As a result they added Allot ServiceProtector to their exchange point installations. That proved to be a very wise decision when in 2013, the hacktivist group, Anonymous launched a massive international cyber-attack. The attack was highly publicized and yet no one knew what to expect or how it would play out. The challenge for this ISP and others was to be ready for the unknown and be able to repel the attack


Apparently, the Anonymous attacks were no match for Allot ServiceProtector’s DDoS protection service which is embedded in Allot Service Gateway Sigma E platforms deployed at the ISP’s Internet exchange points. In the early hours of the morning, Allot ServiceProtector detected the first attacks, which were supposed to have started much later.

The attacks were well coordinated, coming through both exchange points in a concerted effort to bring down government websites, including the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defense, Industry & Commerce, as well as other critical government resources such as Internet sites of military, police, and judiciary systems, parliament, and even the central office of Statistics. Corporate assets in the country were also heavily targeted. In many of the recorded events shown in the chart below, packets per second to the attacked sites increased over one thousand-fold, while a particular government website saw packets per second increase one million-fold!

Allot provided a critical line of defense in protecting the integrity of our online resources and those of our commercial and government customers. The attack was stopped dead in its tracks


Protect ISP network and hosted resources from targeted cyber attacks of unknown origin, duration, intensity, and type.


Deploy Allot ServiceProtector anti-DDoS service within Allot Service Gateways at ISP’s Internet exchange points.


  • Preserve the integrity and availability of commercial network and hosted resources
  • Avoid costly downtime
  • Cost-effective deployment with Allot Service Gateway
  • Readiness to fend off known and unknown attacks
  • Enhance ISP brand image