Allot NetEnforcer and Cubix Assure Network QoS for Leading India Bank

About the Bank

With the liberalization of the Indian Banking Industry in 1994 this leading bank was the first to set up private sector operations. Today the bank has over 3,000 branches in locations throughout India and nearly 11,000 ATMs in more than 1,560 cities and towns throughout India.

About Cubix

Cubix Microsystems is the last word in IT infrastructure consulting in India. Cubix has decades of experience in designing and implementing IT solutions to deliver cost-effective, agile, and scalable infrastructure solutions to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. Cubix is an elite partner and distributor of Allot Communications products since 2009. Their expertise was instrumental in accelerating solution design, installation and testing and in providing ongoing maintenance.


The Challenge

As with most banks in the digital age, a bank of this size requires dependable and consistent access to online critical applications in order to conduct business. These applications include, but are not limited to, Finware, Flexcube, APS, and UBS. While users at various branches of the bank were always able to access these applications, the typical response time was exceedingly slow, particularly during peak hours. The bank had trouble pinpointing and mitigating application performance issues because the bank had no diagnostic tool, and therefore, no visibility of bandwidth utilization and application usage. The bank sought a monitoring device that could accurately report the amount bandwidth used by individual branches and users, as well as a device that could reveal the bandwidth consumed by different applications and protocols.

  • Slow performance of business critical applications interfere with bank efficiency
  • No network visibility
  • Goal: To find a reporting tool capable of decoding traffic in the network

Allot Solution

Cubix recommended deploying Allot NetEnforcer traffic management platforms at the bank’s data center in order to give the bank the network visibility it desired and they provided hands-on design and installation services to accelerate the implementation. With the Allot solution in place, IT staff receives both real time and long term reports on bandwidth usage across the whole network, and they can drill down to see the amount of bandwidth consumed by each branch office and employee of the bank. Allot’s product allowed the bank’s IT team to monitor network health and performance statistics, application behavior and bandwidth usage.


Using the flexible Host Catalogs provided by Allot’s management and reporting interface, bank IT staff used IP addresses to categorize branch offices and track their Internet usage.  It soon became clear that some branches consistently required more bandwidth than others, so the bank defined a 1Mb Host Group and a 2Mb Host Group and assigned bandwidth accordingly. In a second iteration of this process, the bank created additional Host categories that further defined Host Group traffic as a business-critical application or a lesser priority application. Creating this schematic of network usage allowed the bank to match bandwidth allocation and QoS policy to the business needs of their users in the different Host Groups.

Allot NetEnforcer’s real time and long-term reporting has allowed us to solve network issues in the moment, and has given us the ability to prevent future ones.

IT Manager



To find a monitoring and reporting tool capable of decoding network traffic.


Deploy Allot NetEnforcer AC-1440 to analyze and control network traffic per branch, user, application and protocol, and to implement a bandwidth and QoS tiering plan.


  • Gain complete visibility of bandwidth usage
  • Assure the performance of business-critical applications
  • Resolve network and host-related issues quickly
  • Save on future expenses