Allot in the News

10 bad habits network administrators should avoid at all costs
Urban security learning
Urban security learning – what can UK cities learn from Israel? Interview with Maya Canetti –Director of Product Marketing at Allot
Triple C
Allot powers web security services for Triple C
Pelephone Cyber Service
8 Leading Mobile Service Provider in Israel, Pelephone, announces that it has launched a new service "Pelephone Cyber" which is powered by Allot’s WebSafe Personal.
Upcoming Security Events
TECH NEWS WORLD-Upcoming Security Events
Moshe Elias DDOS
Moshe Elias, Director of Product Marketing, discusses DDOS attacks against DYN and what can be done to better protect networks.
Sic Allot Web security News
Allot Secure Service Gateway, monitoring and control of application traffic and Web security
El Pais Allot blocks threats
Allot Communications has blocked more than 154 million mobile devices threats
RCR Allot Network Risks
Allot: Major sports events increase enterprise network risks
Rio Games Escalating Cyber Risk
Rio Games Escalating Cyber Risk to Mobile Users

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