Two Top Trends for Service Providers to Watch (and Embrace) in 2016

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The coming year will be an exciting one for Service Providers on many levels. In our previous blog posts, we already covered some trends that will become hot in 2016.

For one, SPs will continue to build on their monetization and value-added service strategies to their advantage, increasing their ARPUs and revenues.

Furthermore, 2016 will be the breakthrough year of SDN/NFV, and mobile apps will become even more popular, not in the least due to the growth in wearables. However, there is one trend that will be more prominent than all others combined – security!


Let’s have a look at the ranking of the top five trends for 2016:

Top spot: Security, security, security

Users just love their smartphones, tablets and wearables. It allows them to stay connected 24/7. Losing access to their mobile devices, e.g., due to hacking or DDoS, is huge problem. Mobile phones are used for work and play, keeping in touch with family and friends, banking and online shopping, etc.

Although wearables are not yet at the level of smartphones, smart watches and other technologies are expected to increase over the next few years, which makes them a prime target for hackers and cybercrooks.  Wearables will also become popular as authentication devices and will interface with computers and other smart devices.

All in all, we can expect another rise in malware, phishing and other targeted mobile attacks that will be larger and more sophisticated than ever seen before. Furthermore, the annual cost of infections, such as ransomware, is expected to double, which makes mobile security a top priority for users. Mobile operators will come to the rescue by offering their consumers easy, powerful and affordable solutions such as content filtering and anti-malware to make their digital life safe.

Close second: SDN and NFV

Yes, it’s coming soon to a network near you – software-based networks. During 2015, we already saw that SPs are starting to embrace Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). During 2016, we will see this adoption of innovative, open, and automated software networking platforms soar. It will allow CSPs to become winners in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem and 5G race.

In short, expect to see operators successfully start with NFV deployments that will free their networks of physical hardware constraints and thus enjoy cost and efficiency benefits.

These predictions are based on Allot’s interaction with and feedback from its customers as well as its in-depth MobileTrends Reports.


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