“There is gold in them thar networks”…and I agree!

I agree with Jim Martin, and it’s even more relevant today than it was back then. Beyond providing us with worldwide 24/7 connectivity that we have learned to expect, Communication Service Providers – CSPs – are masters of brand marketing, segmentation and continuous introduction of new pricing packages.  When I browse the websites of CSPs, I find an endless array of products and services that have been developed and launched for so many relevant segments or even micro segments of their immense customer base of millions of subscribers.

Some CSPs even have implemented an add-on service strategy which allows subscribers to opt for a basic package that includes voice calls, messaging and data quotas with the flexibility to add services (such as a temporary roaming package) when traveling abroad; a smartphone backup service that uploads photos and contacts using the CSP cloud services; or security services that protect smartphones from malware and viruses.

Other CSPs have developed very sophisticated plans that include data sharing between various customer devices or month-to-month rollover plans of unused data quotas that are left over.

There are even innovative CSPs that have created Digital Lifestyle content packages that are actually data packages with specific content such as fitness apps, travel apps, cooking apps and (my personal favorite!) social apps.

However, the marketing methods used by CSPs come with a hefty price tag.  Customers are not aware of all the services they can add, and they seldom check out their CSP website to see what is available.  To be honest, it’s just not that simple for a CSP to market its services to so many types of customers – each one of them having a different interest in and reaction to tailored messaging.  On top of that, we are just too busy to change our 2-year-old outdated pricing plan…

CSPs provide the infrastructure network for so many businesses around the world enabling them to communicate with their own existing and potential customers. Especially since most businesses have upgraded their digital content to make it mobile responsive and easy to read on smartphones and tablets.  It seems that EVERYONE has a mobile app to make sure people are buying from them using smartphones… The CSP networks are used by many advertisers to push their products and solutions deploying various vectors – banners, popups, redirects, and anything else you can think of!  But the CSPs themselves are not marketing their own services using their own valuable network! Isn’t that a crying shame and a golden opportunity they miss out on?

In our latest Allot MobileTrends Report, we show how the daily online behavior of mobile customers can be used by CSPs to discover how to profile customers based on their online behavior, resulting in meaningful targeted offers that have real value immediately.

CSPs can leverage the untapped engagement potential of the digital customer experience. The main challenge for CSPs is to match millions of diverse mobile subscribers and their complex set of interests (as exhibited by their online behavior) with different types of digital services that are relevant to their interests. The ability to make the correct match can pave new ways and open new opportunities for CSPs to engage and interact with their customers. In our hot from the press Allot MobileTrends H2/2015 report, we show how this can be done.

CSPs can use real network customer usage data to take the next steps. How?

  1. Identify digital touch triggers using the mobile data network (online behavior)


  1. Derive customer profiles based on the online behavior and network usage (Male, Female, Youth, Millennials, Baby Boomers, Business Users, etc.)


  1. Engage with customers by learning how to use these powerful insights to valuable offerings relevant to their profile and online behavior


The bottom line: CSPs continue to grow in their role as digital lifestyle providers. Their business emphasis is shifting from offering byte-driven data plans to personalized service plans. By analyzing their customers’ daily interactions with the network, CSPs will be better equipped to understand user diversity, and to offer relevant services to each customer at the most opportune moment for uptake.

To read more, you can download our latest report and infographic “5+1 Digital Touch Triggers for Monetizing Customer Engagement” that are also showcasing examples of smart engagements.


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