The Future of MWC

Although the official name of last week’s premier conference is “Mobile World Congress,” I think this show may change its name in the coming years. Because it’s not just about mobile anymore. Or to be more accurate, mobile is not just a technology, it’s the way we live. That’s why I think the name of MWC will evolve, just as the digital lifestyle has evolved. It wouldn’t be the first time:

  • In the 90s it was GSM World Congress and GSM technology was the focus
  • In 2001 it became 3GSM World Congress, reflecting UMTS technology
  • In 2007 the organizers dropped the technology reference and simply called it Mobile World Congress

From what I saw and heard at the conference, the name is due for another change. It’s not just about mobile. Even the mobile operators are part of huge converged companies that include non-mobile services and reach all the way out to owning banks or retail outlets. A better title would be Connected World Congress. With this approach, WiFi and other players whose technologies are harnessed for smartphone connectivity would be included in the name. This conference keeps proving that mobile is the platform for just about everything, including:

  • Mobile Money, Digital Commerce and banking
  • Contextual, and location-based marketing that drives smart actionable advertising
  • Economic development to include and connect billions of people around the world
  • Internet of Things, with smartphones as our personal remote control of all our things

All of these connections create really BIG DATA for operators to leverage in order to provide the kind of services that enhance our digital experiences and the way we live. Big Data for Analytics and personalized marketing, Big Data in order to give the best quality of experience that can be relied on. Before and after every session I attended the audience was shown a video clip, produced by the GSMA to promote this year’s messages: Mobile is the heart of our digital identity. My Money, My News, My Health, My Education, My Entertainment, My Data, My Travel, Mobile is ME Mobile is Everyone My Mobile is ME When you think about it, mobile is just the means of being connected. But the important thing is being connected to my health, money, education, etc., whatever the means. But if it is all about mobile – I guess the most important thing for the future is an electrical outlet – make sure to keep that battery charged!!

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