The Fine Art of Protecting Subscribers Including Our Kids – Network-based Solutions Anyone?

Benjamin Franklin said there were only two things certain in life: death and taxes. Well, I would like to add a third one: online threats.

Operators are facing the daunting task of keeping their subscribers (and their own networks!) safe from a slew of cyber threats that are getting more and more complex. Fraudsters use a combination of backdoor methods, engaging unwitting cooperation from innocent, targeted users.

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The good news is that operators can be effective in warding off cyber evil. For starters, they need to get insight into what goes on in their network. Operators need to be aware of anonymity and encryption that cybercrooks use for their attacks. The next step is applying multi-dimensional analytics which serves as the fundament for protecting the network and subscribers.

Let’s have a closer look on Web security. As a father, I want my kids to use the Internet, since it’s a wonderful source of information and communication. But I also want them to be safe from harmful and abusive content, and (of course) bullies and perps.

That’s why comprehensive web security is the way to go. The network operator must have usage visibility to gain insight into how Internet security threats impact its network and subscriber experience. Web filtering offers subscribers (and especially kids!) safe Internet browsing without being exposed to illegal, improper or undesired content. Anti-malware will prevent mobile devices and phones from being damaged or having their data lost (in case of children: photos, selfies, homework etc.) Last but not least, mail security will stop email spam without over-blocking.

Diagram WSPBusinesswise, operators have a golden revenue opportunity to offer their subscribers Unified Security Solutions, which works as a buffer between the users and the worldwide web with all its cybercrime lurking around the corner.

Those network-based solutions are the future, since they are easy to set up for any device and can be quickly updated without hardly any delays. Best of all: those solutions comply with the growing regulatory demands of governmental bodies!

The Responsible Internet – Time for Action!
“There is gold in them thar networks”…and I agree!

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