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Closed-Loop Automation: What it means for CSPs | Allot

Where is Your CSP on the Closed Loop Automation Journey? Automation in telecom is not new. But it has evolved. Initially, it was about being more efficient at solving well-defined problems – the known knowns. Solutions like Root Cause Analysis that reduced tens of thousands of NOC alarms to a single “parent alarm”, which highlighted…

Home Digital Asset Security

Anyone with millennial-aged children at home will find it hard to remember them without their faces glued to their mobile phones. It seems that their entire universe has been shrunk into a tiny metallic and glass panel, a bit like the Big Bang in reverse. For those young adults, whose birth years begin with the…

5G: Big CSP “Security as a Service” Opportunity

Big CSP Security as a Service Opportunity with 5G The migration of cellular telecommunications from 4G networks to 5G provides many opportunities for mobile operators. However, with high bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and dynamic network slicing capabilities, 5G is not just another bigger, better, faster network than 4G. It is a completely new concept in network…

Home Router…, or Trojan Horse?

Home Router…, Trojan Horse? The world of cybersecurity is full of stories of technology secretly encroaching on our privacy. The most common attack comes from malware that we enable hackers to store on our computers or mobile devices. Most of us are familiar with these “Trojan horse” viruses that can open up our devices to…

Can You Keep Up with Game-Changing DDoS Attacks? Q&A from Allot’s Webinar

In our recent webinar, I discussed with Maya Canetti, Allot’s Director of Product Management, how intensified DDoS attacks against service providers have become highly destructive. We considered the newest threats, why traditional security solutions can’t cope with the rapidly changing nature of these threats, and what can be done to best protect networks. Note: If…


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