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Cybersecurity & Coronavirus: Protecting Customers at Home

During these challenging times, when everyone is working, studying, and streaming from home, securing the home network is more important than ever.   I’m co-producing a webinar about this, where you can learn more about the growing threat landscape and our HomeSecure solution. If you can join the live webinar, we’ll be on-hand to address…

8 Online Shopping Security Tips for Cyber Monday

As the online equivalent to Black Friday, Cyber Monday is among the biggest online shopping days of the year. Cyber Monday, along with Black Friday, heralds the beginning of the online holiday shopping season. According to Adobe Analytics, 2018 Cyber Monday sales amounted to a staggering all-time record of $7.87 billion. This year, the prediction…

5 Ways to Avoid a Ransomware Attack

“Ooops, your files have been encrypted!” That’s the dreaded message that greeted people hit with the 2017 WannaCry ransomware attack. Hundreds of thousands of computers were infected and many people lost their computer files, money, and time, and suffered immeasurable aggravation and embarrassment. It’s been a couple of years since then and, experts agree, ransomware is…

How to Prevent Connected Carjacking

Most people reading this article will drive a connected car, which is essentially a car that can link to the Internet. GPS enables us to navigate through unknown territory. Smart radio selects our favorite music channels to play on our entertainments systems. And “really” smart cars are now driving us places autonomously while we sit…

“Anonymous” to Erase Israel from the Internet—Or Is It?

  Five years ago, a “hacktivist” group of cyber-disruptors united to attack the Internet infrastructure and websites of the State of Israel. The initial date of that attack was the 7th of April 2013, the eve of Israel’s annual Holocaust Memorial Day, and they have continued to target Israel every year on the anniversary of…


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