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The power of real-time capabilities for communication service providers

A colleague of mine recently alerted me to a white paper she read about the competitive advantage of real-time. The concept of “real-time” remains a hot topic, and I can appreciate the value of this material, especially since it was featured on Vanilla Plus, a leading telecom content platform that I find quite insightful. Although…

Examples of Large & Small Business Cyber Attacks: Fighting for Survival Against a New Wave of Cyber Criminals

There are two types of businesses in the world today. Those that have been attacked by cybercriminals, and those that haven’t, yet. In what is becoming increasingly clear, most of these businesses are currently sitting vulnerable, at the edge of an historic crisis. Just this month, according to Bleeping Computer, electronics retail giant MediaMarkt suffered…

Bringing network stability and security back to businesses big and small

If you remember the pre-pandemic fun of dining out in a Chinese restaurant, then you probably also know that, at the end of the meal, nobody wants to break open the fortune cookie to read, “May you live in interesting times.” While seemingly a blessing, this English expression, which purports to be a translation of…

Simple and reliable network security protection for SMBs

When it comes to cybersecurity, what’s the difference between SMBs and large enterprises? If you guessed that the difference is related to the number of cyberattacks, then you’d be wrong. SMBs suffer just as many cyberattacks as large enterprises. The difference between Enterprise and SMB network security protection So, then, when it comes to cybersecurity, what’s the…


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