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COVID-19 CSP challenges: A new normal awaits.

Over the last few months, we’ve seen dramatic changes in network traffic and user behavior because of the pandemic. COVID-19 lockdowns and other measures have changed things. Many of us are now accustomed to working, learning, and seeking entertainment from home. As such, there has been a lot of analysis on the effects of COVID-19…

Cybersecurity & Coronavirus: Protecting Customers at Home

During these challenging times, when everyone is working, studying, and streaming from home, securing the home network is more important than ever.   I’m co-producing a webinar about this, where you can learn more about the growing threat landscape and our HomeSecure solution. If you can join the live webinar, we’ll be on-hand to address…

Telcos & Covid-19: How to Manage the Challenge

We are all now living during unprecedented times, part of a historical fabric that is redefining the telecom industry and the larger world as we know it. Concerns about health and safety in the face of the coronavirus pandemic have seen many businesses transform from traditional operations to remote working environments.   Internet usage during…

Covid-19 & the new telecom reality: traffic management more important than ever

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are seeing a dramatically increased load on networks as more people each day work from home. With a growing number of employees and businesses working remotely, voice conferencing and video collaboration are driving up traffic. Adding to demand on the network, countless students are relying on remote learning solutions to keep…


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