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The gift that keeps on giving: 7 tips to avoid cyber security threats

Did you give or receive a toy or new parental control or security app for the holidays? While well-intentioned, you may have inadvertently created a security breach for the recipient or opened your family up to unwanted surveillance. The Internet of security breaches The Internet of Things (IoT) is not just for your smart doorbell…

The Market is Calling for Simple 360° Cybersecurity for Consumers

Four years ago, I swore I would never work in cybersecurity again. After completing a PhD in mathematics and statistics, my passion for innovation led me out of the ivory tower and into cybersecurity. I spent 15 wonderful years developing enterprise security solutions at Cyota, RSA and Cisco. The data-driven solutions these groundbreaking companies were…

Ginp Banking Trojan Exploits Covid-19 Fears

Even the staunchest digital puritans have been spurned to click on a thing or two due to FOMO or ’fear of missing out’. Our natural, healthy fear of missing out on something important is what fueled and sustains the social media explosion. Tech entrepreneurs, publishers, and advertisers know exactly how to trigger our primal FOMO…

Los Consumidores Mexicanos Esperan con Entusiasmo la Protección de la Ciberseguridad Basada en la Red

El 2020 está siendo un año difícil.  Mientras México se enfrenta a la pandemia de COVID-19, los ciudadanos también hacen frente a peligrosos virus y ataques informáticos que se propagan rápidamente por Internet. El virus humano ha provocado un crecimiento sin precedentes del teletrabajo, el comercio electrónico y el aprendizaje online. Desafortunadamente, esto también ha…

Is Telco Cybersecurity the New Competitive Edge for Service Providers?

In my 20+ years working for and with telecommunication providers around the world, I’ve witnessed firsthand how the industry has evolved to offer continuously improved services to a wide audience of consumers. One of the most amazing things about this industry is that it provides essential connectivity service to every segment of society – from…

Cybersecurity & Coronavirus: Protecting Customers at Home

During these challenging times, when everyone is working, studying, and streaming from home, securing the home network is more important than ever.   I’m co-producing a webinar about this, where you can learn more about the growing threat landscape and our HomeSecure solution. If you can join the live webinar, we’ll be on-hand to address…

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