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“There is gold in them thar networks”…and I agree!

I agree with Jim Martin, and it’s even more relevant today than it was back then. Beyond providing us with worldwide 24/7 connectivity that we have learned to expect, Communication Service Providers – CSPs – are masters of brand marketing, segmentation and continuous introduction of new pricing packages.  When I browse the websites of CSPs,…

Allot CloudTrends Report Q2/2015: Malware can get into your network through backdoors!

With the growth of enterprise mobility and cloud migration, enterprises and SMBs are facing complex security issues. Despite being quite effective in warding off known threats, it’s the tide of unknown and backdoor threats that put organizations under pressure. We at Allot have just published a thought-provoking report, based on real data of malicious traffic…

The Future of MWC

Although the official name of last week’s premier conference is “Mobile World Congress,” I think this show may change its name in the coming years. Because it’s not just about mobile anymore. Or to be more accurate, mobile is not just a technology, it’s the way we live.