Allot Smart & Secure

Eliyah Havemann is a Product Manager in Allot, dealing with products protecting against new threats originating from IoT, and cyber security in general. He started his career in the industry back in 1996 and worked for different ISPs with B2B and B2C focus. His job roles include becoming a CTO at age 25, working as a consultant, and being a team manager. Eliyah moved to Israel in 2010, coming from Germany. He brought with him extensive knowledge about the German IT market and the ISP scene in Europe. Eliyah studied sound design, but built up deep knowledge about networking and technology throughout his career.

“Anonymous” to Erase Israel from the Internet—Or Is It?

  Five years ago, a “hacktivist” group of cyber-disruptors united to attack the Internet infrastructure and websites of the State of Israel. The initial date of that attack was the 7th of April 2013, the eve of Israel’s annual Holocaust Memorial Day, and they have continued to target Israel every year on the anniversary of…