‘Allot as a Service’ is running live on Amazon cloud

Everybody is doing something in the cloud these days. The upcoming NVF World Congress aims to demonstrate just how far and how well we’ve all advanced in our migration to network virtualization. But this time, instead of debating the ideal virtualized world where every single function is software defined and centrally orchestrated, Congress participants are showcasing successful virtualization projects that are delivering tangible benefits.

At Allot, we have a proven track record of getting big telco projects up and running. The road may be bumpy, but in the end, it works and generates value for our customers. We do it by setting milestones and focusing on achieving each one in its turn. There is no fast track to the acceptance test. Just continual progress.

It’s the same with NFV. No network goes virtual overnight. But with realistic milestones and steady progress, we are starting to reap the benefits of virtualization. Just as an example, earlier this year, my team successfully deployed a virtual edition of our multiservice platform (Allot Service Gateway Virtual Edition) in the Amazon public cloud. Not only are all the platform functions virtualized and orchestrated, our value added services are also virtualized and orchestrated to work with the platform – just like they do in traditional networks infrastructure.

Our virtual environment in the Amazon cloud makes it so much easier to demonstrate our solutions to customers all over the world – even simultaneously. Since we achieved this milestone, we’re able to avoid the logistical complexity and cost of sending and setting up equipment on Communication Service Provider (CSP) customer premises. More importantly, we get to results much faster – as we prove the concept of delivering revenue-generating subscriber and business services from the cloud in a SaaS model. CSPs are looking for solutions like this. But that’s not all.

With our virtualized multiservice platform, we are also able demonstrate an advanced vCPE that integrates two, three or all of Allot functions into in a single virtualized solution that can scale to serve CSP business customers. We call it “Allot as a Service.”

For you techies out there, it looks like this (see diagram). Allot’s virtualized multiservice platform and services are the colorful part (the VNF) that fits in and interoperates in the Amazon Web Services cloud (the virtualized network).


One of the much-touted benefits of virtualization is agility. We see that coming to fruition with Allot as a Service which makes it easier for service providers to pick and choose the cloud based services they want to deliver to their business customers and try out different combinations of services, including Data Center as a Service with Bandwidth on Demand, Traffic Management as a Service, Network Analytics as a Service, Web Security as a Service (anti-malware, URL filtering, etc.), DDoS Protection as a Service and many more.

But best of all, putting CSP services in the cloud makes them easier to manage and easier for consumers and businesses to access.

That’s what Allot is demonstrating at NFV World Congress. A major milestone in service virtualization and the benefits it will deliver. If you’re at the show, do drop by our booth (#32) and we’ll treat you to a personal POC.

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