Our unified infrastructure enables cost-savings 

Allot Service Integration solutions provide a unified infrastructure for intelligent traffic management and analytics. They enable service providers to introduce new and enhanced cost-saving and revenue-generating services that add real value to service provider networks. Our portfolio of services includes in-depth customer analytics, parental control services (Allot WebSafePersonal), media caching (Allot MediaSwift E), video optimization (Allot VideoClass), URL filtering (Allot WebSafe), and network service protection against DDoS attacks and bot-infected hosts (Allot ServiceProtector).

All our services are offered under one integrated platform

All of these lucrative services are offered under one integrated platform. The platform can be either our award winning open architecture, standard interfaces, ATCA-based hardware (Allot Service Gateway product family and Allot NetEnforcer product portfolio), or through our innovative, fully virtualized solution (Allot vTDF), which provides all the benefits of our offerings and knowledge in an NFV and SDN environment.

Our solutions offer new monetization opportunities

Our service integration solutions help you deploy added-value services that go beyond high-speed connections to the Internet, providing new opportunities to optimize, monetize and personalize your service offering. They start with our powerful Allot Service Gateway platform which, when deployed at main junctures in your network, allows you to monitor and manage all types of subscriber-application traffic. It continues with dynamic policy management, which enables you to create and enforce tiered service and pricing plans based on performance metrics and user activity profiles gleaned from your network. And it culminates with intelligent traffic steering to added-value services.

Our solutions offer a range of benefits

Our service integration solutions facilitate the design and deployment of cost-saving and revenue-generating use cases that add real value to broadband networks. Benefits include:

  • Leveraging of investments
  • Reduction of deployment and operation costs
  • Acceleration of time-to-revenue or time-to-savings
  • Creation of new monetization opportunities
  • Creation of new optimization opportunities
  • Management of one policy and service plan
  • Keeping ahead of the competition

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