We offer network-level security to protect networks

Our security services are designed for today’s digital lifestyle, operating at the network level to protect the integrity of fixed and mobile broadband networks and the services they deliver. Some of our services are designed to protect service availability and benefit all subscribers. Others are designed as value-added, opt-in services that generate incremental revenue.


We protect service availability for customer satisfaction

Our Allot ServiceProtector protects service provider networks from flooding attacks that slow down response times and cause service outages that can lead to customer dissatisfaction and churn. This is achieved through fast detection and surgical mitigation of DoS/DDoS packet block attacks, before they affect network performance. Our Allot ServiceProtector also stops outgoing spam sent by infected botnet hosts. Such surgical blocking relieves the loads on networks and prevents spam traffic from reaching other networks where it can result in operator “blacklisting.”

Our solutions allow you to offer value added security services

Allot WebSafe Personal enables the rapid deployment of value-added parental control and anti-malware services that increase customer satisfaction and generate incremental revenue for fixed and mobile service providers. These opt-in services support both single- and multi-tenancy operation, allowing operators to offer a predefined set of content filtering features as well as a friendly GUI for subscribers to personalize their own security settings. Additionally, Allot WebSafe provides carrier-class URL filtering service designed to block access to blacklisted content at the network level. This enables fixed and mobile service providers to fulfill consumer and government demands for a safer and more protected Internet environment. Each of these security services is fully integrated with the Allot Service Gateway, enabling fast deployment and unified control.

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Parental Control

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