Deliver a great mobile data experience

Mobile data access is all about the experience. Mobile broadband usage is on a steady trajectory upward, fueled by smarter devices, cool apps and next-generation infrastructures that can deliver more data at higher speeds. Allot solutions enable you understand how customers use their mobile data connections so you can deliver attractive services and reliable user experience across 3G, 4G, 5G or all of them together. A great mobile experience is also a secure experience. Allot solutions protect mobile network availability from external threats, and allow MNOs to play a critical role in protecting their customers from malware and unwanted or illegal content. But there’s a limit to what MNOs can do alone. Within the growing ecosystem of service providers, content providers, aggregators, device manufacturers, and app developers, Allot solutions allow MNOs to leverage granular application awareness, control, and charging to collaborate with ecosystem partners and to share revenue from innovative services

Optimize MVNO traffic to save bandwidth costs

For MVNOs in particular, Allot Traffic Management and Optimization solutions save bandwidth and money by reducing the actual volume of video and Web traffic that is transported to and from the Internet over the host MNO network. This reduction in traffic volume translates directly into cost savings on MVNO bandwidth and it is completely transparent to customers. Once costs are under control, MVNOs can leverage Allot’s unified framework for service delivery and monetization to differentiate their offering and increase ARPU through application-centric charging plans and network-based security services such as parental control and anti-malware. Let us demonstrate how your MVNO business can save significantly on bandwidth costs, while maintaining and even improving user quality of experience (QoE). ROI begins from the first day of operation with full payback in about one year, depending on pricing structures and volume of usage. Contact to set up a personal briefing.


Understand Your Subscribers

There a many digital touch triggers CSPs can leverage to better understand subscriber diversity and offer valuable, relevant and real-time services to their customers. Read more.

Real Data Monetization

Our Virtual Traffic Detection Function (vTDF) increases revenues by making it easier to implement complex new use cases such as application-based charging and service chaining. Read more.

R Saves 15% on Bandwith

“We were sold on the traffic optimization solution when Allot was able to demonstrate that our bandwidth savings would provide full payback in just over a year…” Read more.

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Video Optimization

Reduce the volume of video traffic on your mobile network by 30-50% and save on bandwidth while ensuring a reliable video-viewing experience for users. Read more.

OTT Premium Content

Capitalize on your unique ability to enable access, shape the user experience and track application usage to create new revenue-share relationships based on premium content. Read more.

Customer Segmentation

It’s all about identifying subscriber interests and analyzing online usage patterns. Create, price, and bundle service plans that are responsive to your customer’s digital lifestyles. Read more.

Prepaid Customer Behavior

The valuable insights of your customer’s online activities offered by our prepaid behavior analysis enables you to target prepaid customers more effectively. Read more.

Application Based Charging

Our layer 7 insight enables you to differentiate your offering with a range of unique service plans based on gaming, social networking, streaming video, basic email, and other popular applications. Read more.

Parental Control

Give parents peace of mind by providing a network service to create a safer Internet environment with network-based content filtering to block unwanted and illegal content. Read more.