Digital lifestyle bandwidth demands present challenges

The cable/MSO industry is facing enormous challenges. These range from the ongoing bandwidth crunch that affects download speeds and upload capacities, to the need to sustain profitable growth by rolling out new services in the face of aggressive competition. Some of the fastest-growing usage trends today – such as Over-The-Top (OTT) Internet services like HTTP video streaming, VoIP, interactive gaming and social networks – are often not in operator’s walled garden of services.

Bandwidth management solutions are essential

More and more, broadband consumers are finding their own viewing content via the Internet. This not only poses a business challenge to the traditional walled-garden approach of cable service providers, but also presents a significant service delivery challenge. As the cable broadband industry seeks to reaffirm its leadership position in a rapidly converging communications marketplace, our bandwidth management solutions can help in:

  • Managing growing consumption and congestion
  • Implementing transparent, fair-use policies
  • Monetizing the use of OTT applications and services


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