Customer satisfaction and loyalty depend on network performance

Broadband service providers everywhere are under pressure to offer better network performance to keep up with insatiable subscriber demand for bandwidth. But the implications are dire: the cost of transporting data is expected to outpace revenue, and a poor user experience resulting from network congestion will result in churn – one of the largest costs operators incur.

Our technologies help you give more to your customers

Our technology, knowhow and collaboration help you do more for your customers. Our innovative products and solutions allow you to manage network Quality of Experience (QoE), network Quality of Service (QoS) and bandwidth costs. And they empower you to increase your revenues as a digital services provider to consumers and enterprises.

We provide the tools necessary to monetize network services

Our solutions enable you to analyze, secure, improve and monetize, your network services. They enable you to be competitive and successful by simplifying your network, reducing time to market and capital/operating costs, improving service delivery performance and security, and monetize network services. And our wide range of service-provider-grade solutions deliver multiple services on a unified platform, enabling you to enhance QoE, optimize network quality of service and generate new revenue streams.


Quickly Offering Affordable New Services

As networks evolve, operators must maintain a large, ever-increasing range of proprietary, purpose-specific hardware that requires maintenance. This, in turn, has resulted in several operator challenges that are driving NFV. Additionally, operators are aware that in order to capitalize on the increasing demand for data, they must innovate continuously and offer affordable new services rapidly.

NFV offers a new approach to the service provider network model

Service providers are looking to NFV to help them lower costs and increase revenues from the network services they offer. Our virtual traffic detection solution (vTDF), carrier deployment know-how, and evolutionary approach to NFV will advance you toward these goals.

vTDF enables cost savings and revenue generation

As part of the NFV landscape, our vTDF solution provides essential, virtualized functions that make it easier for you to create, deliver and monetize data services to elevate your quality of service.  This is achieved by accelerating time to market and lowering CAPEX and OPEX.

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