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Allot VideoClass


Delivering a top class mobile video experience

Allot VideoClass is an application-aware video optimization system that is fully integrated with  Allot Service Gateway and its powerful service enablement environment. It allows mobile service providers to dramatically improve the quality and efficiency of video delivery by optimizing for real-time network conditions and for each mobile connection. This unique dual optimization capability enables the highest quality of experience for video consumers while minimizing the bandwidth required by the video stream.

Allot VideoClass integrates the most innovative technologies into a harmonious solution for effective and efficient video optimization. It employs human perceptional models to reduce non-essential data and allots just the right amount of bandwidth to each video application. It intelligently paces the stream to ensure uninterrupted playback and dynamically transrates video content and adapts delivery based on real-time network conditions – all the while keeping detailed records of each video session.

Allot Service Gateway steers only the relevant traffic to the Allot VideoClass system (which may be hosted within the Gateway platform or externally), allowing operators to optimize with extreme efficiency and a smaller deployment footprint.

With Allot VideoClass you can:

  • Reduce bandwidth consumption by 30-50% on expensive RAN and backhaul capacity, and thereby avoid or delay network expansion and capex outlay.
  • Lower operational expenses by reducing “wasted” bandwidth while providing the same perceived quality of experience.
  • Ensure a consistently great video experience by preventing stalls and buffering delays that affect customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Create new revenue opportunities through mobile data service packages designed especially for high-volume video consumers.
  • Gain insight on consumer behavior through detailed information of video usage.

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