Giving users what they need, when they need it

Cloud data centers and applications serve a range of customers requiring access to different business applications at different times, in different locations, and on different devices. And naturally, all users demand that the service be fast and reliable. This presents a challenge for basic traffic prioritization, which can only go so far in managing today’s complex application and network environment. Our access virtualization solutions give enterprises and managed service providers the ability to assure application performance according to disparate and dynamic workloads of users.

Access virtualization streamlines application management

We employ internet access virtualization to allocate dedicated Internet and WAN resources to multiple tenants, users and applications in the enterprise cloud. By enabling this division of the shared cloud access into multiple virtual instances, each instance has its own SLA policy that can be individually monitored, controlled and secured. In this way, our solutions eliminate the struggle between users and applications for bandwidth and Quality of Service (QoS), enabling management of cloud applications and enforcement of SLAs according to business priorities.

Internet and WAN access virtualization help you to:

  • Align cloud application performance with your business needs and those of your customers
  • Guarantee fast and reliable application performance scalable to millions of IP flows
  • Control QoS per application, user, endpoint and location
  • Ensure that heavy transaction loads do not impact customer experience

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