Public sector organizations face extensive challenges

Providing IT services to thousands of employees and millions of increasingly mobile citizens is complicated. It involves complex solutions to ensure that application and user network requirements are coherently met in a way that assures performance and reduces risk. Budget constraints complicate matters further.

Cloud technologies enable cutting costs and improved services

Public sector organizations are cutting costs and improving service agility by consolidating data centers into multi-tenant private clouds. Such clouds serve towns, cities, provinces and multiple government agencies via extensive Internet and WAN access infrastructure.

Service security against hackers and criminals is essential

Cloud hosting and Internet access makes government data center servers and other resources vulnerable to cyber threats from hackers and others who use the Internet to launch attacks aimed at crippling or halting government services. Furthermore, public sector enterprises need to comply with regulations governing the distribution of illegal or blacklisted content via the Internet.

Our Cloud Access Optimization provides the solution 

Our Cloud Access Optimization solutions ensure that your diverse range of users can enjoy high availability and Quality of Experience (QoE) from mission-critical applications and government services. And they also ensure that your IT infrastructure meets regulatory requirements and security goals.

Our Cloud Access Optimization solutions enable you to:

  • Meet the increasing demands of mobile employees and applications
  • Align application performance with business priorities
  • Allocate and enforce multi-tenant SLAs from a central vantage point
  • Optimize application performance over WAN infrastructure
  • Manage non-business Internet browsing and improve productivity
  • Troubleshoot and resolve performance degradation immediately
  • Protect IT infrastructure from misuse and malicious DDoS attack
  • Address evolving regulatory requirements


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