Evolving market trends challenge enterprises 

A number of evolving market trends – cloud migration, application mobility and unified communications – are impacting the ability of enterprises to run efficient networks that satisfy users, increase productivity and ensure business continuity. Cloud migration is on the rise, as enterprises transition their IT infrastructures to private, public and hybrid clouds. This is accompanied by application mobility and unified communications, where applications are increasingly hosted in the cloud and accessed via the Internet instead of via enterprise LANs and WANs. Additionally, increased user mobility and bring-your-own-device trends are making it more challenging than ever to ensure application performance.

Enterprises must plan cloud deployments carefully

Clearly, the cloud is becoming a mainstream delivery model for connecting enterprise users and customers to their applications. While the initial motivation was to save money on IT infrastructure and maintenance costs, cloud adoption is increasingly fueled by the desire to improve business agility, employee productivity and customer engagement. But this will not happen overnight. Every enterprise must decide which workloads are best served by the cloud and plan the deployment strategy (public, private, hybrid) that best suits their needs. Enterprises must also consider how to deliver the mix of cloud and legacy IT applications with the least disruption and greatest efficiency.

Cloud technology uptake is driving the need for cloud solutions

The opportunity for cloud service providers goes beyond providing cloud data centers and other IT services. For example, they can advise enterprises on how to best plan and implement their migration strategies, which may involve multiple providers, as well as implement optimization solutions. Irrespective of who is hosting your data center and delivering your business-critical applications, our Cloud Access Optimization solutions help you overcome the performance degradation and security challenges associated with cloud application delivery models.


Cloud Access Optimization

Make sure your cloud data center can deliver business-critical applications can deliver when it matters.


Eliminate Access Bottlenecks

As users vie for the same shared capacity on your Internet and WAN access network, application availability and performance is highly vulnerable to degradation by heavy transaction loads and Denial of Service attacks. Allot Cloud Access Optimization solutions help you eliminate bottlenecks so applications run smoothly.

Assure Application Performance

Allot transforms the basic connectivity of your cloud access infrastructure into an application-aware and user-aware resource that connects people with their applications efficiently and effectively.