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Segmenting the Digital Lifestyle


Who are the Movers & Shakers of the Digital Lifestyle?

Allot MobileTrends Report, Feb 2013 breaks new ground with a study that explores and outlines mobile digital lifestyles in action. Global mobile data traffic has been doubling every year since 2008 and is expected to continue to grow even faster in the coming years. Clearly, we live in an era of “data explosion” where there is no "average digital user" or single digital lifestyle.

The report identifies usage differences and similarities among mobile data subscribers, and groups them according to their online behavior. The resulting segmentation provides a richer definition of mobile digital lifestyles and can be duplicated by any mobile operator using Allot data monitoring and analytics solutions

Read the report and find out who are the real Movers & Shakers of the Digital Lifestyle.


Also, click here to see our cool Infographic on Segmenting the Digital Lifestyle









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