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Dynamic Actionable Recognition Technology


What is DART?

Dynamic Actionable Recognition Technology (DART) integrates Allot’s vast expertise in IP traffic identification and policy enforcement into a highly effective toolkit for managing bandwidth consumption and service performance in mobile and fixed broadband networks.

DART gives network operators the visibility that enables them to optimize their service by introducing traffic management policies that will assure QoS (Quality of Service), to monetize their network with value-based charging schemes and value added services, and to personalize their offering by enabling subscribers to benefit from enhanced QoE (Quality of Experience).

DART Benefits

  • Comprehensive visibility of all network traffic
  • Regular protocol pack updates for up-to-the-minute recognition capabilities
  • Uninterrupted traffic detection and enforcement through hitless signature updates
  • Enhanced QoS policy enforcement and network management
  • Ability to monetize specific applications and deliver better QoE
DART gives network providers the ability to act upon the application, devicesubscriber and topology intelligence they’ve gathered by mapping these elements directly into policy enforcement rules. As a result, operators can regulate bandwidth consumption, introduce tiered and application-based service plans, and steer traffic to value added services. Altogether, these separate actions result in a coherent enforcement policy that protects network integrity, reduces network costs, generates new revenue streams, and enhances the end-user’s experience.

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