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Allot Subscriber Management Platform


Personalize the Use. Monetize the Experience.

Allot Subscriber Management Platform (SMP) enables service providers to build differentiated and profitable broadband services that deliver the quality of experience that each subscriber expects, while retaining control over network utilization.

Managing Subscriber Visibility, Policy, Charging

Allot SMP provides the visibility, policy management, and real-time charging that is needed to accurately monitor, analyze, and meter subscriber data services. Real-time and long-term analytical reports provide insight on the usage patterns of individual subscribers, including the applications and devices they use and the volume of traffic they generate. Exporting these valuable statistics to other systems enables operators to further analyze subscriber behavior and to direct broadband resources toward more profitable revenue plans.

Allot SMP operates seamlessly with Allot Service Gateway platforms and Allot NetEnforcer devices to provide:

With Allot SMP you can:

  • Understand how subscribers, applications and devices are using your network
  • Improve customer satisfaction through tiered and quota service plans that fit personal usage patterns
  • Deploy value-based charging plans to increase ARPU and offset network capex
  • Manage network cell congestion and subscriber QoE in the cell
  • Enforce subscriber service plans, QoS policy and charging schemes across all access networks

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