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Allot Service Gateway Sigma E


The power to optimize, monetize and personalize fixed and mobile broadband services

Allot Service Gateway Sigma E is Allot's newest series of carrier-grade, highly scalable DPI-based platforms for broadband optimization and revenue generation in fixed and mobile networks. It provides built in compatibility with 3G, 4G/LTE and converged network environments.

Allot Service Gateway Sigma E Series

Powered by DART, this new series of Allot Service Gateways combines granular traffic detection and reporting, real-time policy control and online/offline charging with an ever-growing variety of value-added network and subscriber services that are purposely designed to be deployed in the platform to lower costs and improve service performance.

These modular and flexible platforms support up to 8 million subscribers and process Internet traffic at speeds of up to 160 Gbps. Clustered configurations can scale to 1 Terabit/sec of aggregate throughput.


  • Control costs through efficient traffic management
  • Increase profitability with fully integrated network and subscriber services
  • Generate revenue from OTT services through intelligent online charging
  • Ensure QoE for all services, including over-the-top
  • Leverage actionable network intelligence from traffic statistics per application, subscriber, content, and network location
  • Reduce deployment complexity and time-to-market with a high-capacity, single-chassis services platform
  • Protect investment in infrastructure and pay as you grow with an open, modular, standards-based solution

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Allot Service Gateway Omega

Wireline and mobile broadband service providers rely on Allot Service Gateway Omega to reduce costs and improve the performance of their broadband service networks.

Main Features

  • Up to 4 10GE interfaces
  • Scales to 25Gbps throughput
  • Granular traffic visibility (per application, subscriber, network topology)
  • Dynamic policy control
  • Fair use traffic management
  • Service Provisioning
  • Supports millions of subscribers
  • Modular 14 slot chassis configuration (13U 19”)
  • Open architecture with standard interfaces, protocols, APIs

 Want to learn more? Contact us or call the Allot sales office nearest you.

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