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MobileTrends Report H1,2011


The Allot MobileTrends Report is an ongoing initiative to track global IP application, bandwidth usage and bandwidth growth in mobile broadband networks. In this report for the first time we take a closer look at trends in charging models among worldwide operators. The findings reveal that a growing number of operators are implementing application-aware charging models and most operators no longer offer ‘unlimited’ data plans.

This new report presents Allot’s key findings and conclusions based on anonymous data that was collected over the first half of 2011, from leading mobile operators worldwide with a combined user base of more than 250 million subscribers, except for data regarding mobile charging trends. Information on mobile charging trends is based on survey data gathered from over fifty worldwide mobile operators. The information gathered is publicly available on operators' websites.

Key findings from the H1, 2011 MobileTrends Report include:

  • YouTube remains the single most popular mobile Internet destination, accounting for 22% of mobile data bandwidth usage and 52% of total video streaming
  • Skype continues as the undisputed VoIP market leader with 82% of mobile VoIP bandwidth, although its market share has been slightly reduced by newcomers such as Viber
  • Facebook and Twitter grew by 166% and 297%, respectively
  • 32% of mobile operators worldwide have already implemented application-aware charging model


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