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Operators Cloud is on the Rise


The widening gap between mobile data traffic growth and data revenues growth is mostly attributed to the natural erosion in cost-per-unit of data. As it emerges from our research, operators are responding to this challenge by evolving their data pricing schemes, introducing new billable elements in addition to volume and speed, based on application, device, time, mobility and other usage variables.

The era of Value-based Charging enables operators to differentiate and charge for different application and content usage. More and more operators are partnering with over-the-top content providers like Spotify, to monetize music, video and cloud storage in new ways.

The statistics presented in this report are based on data collected during the first half of 2012 from publicly available sources, belonging to over 100 mobile operators worldwide. The report encompasses data plans and charging models for smartphones, tablets and dongles. It presents a snapshot of mobile data charging and overall statistics as well as real-world examples of some of the most innovative charging models in use by operators today.

Key Findings:

  • 46% of operators offer Value-based plans, with services such as parental control or music streaming
  • Operators' cloud is on the rise with 33% offering cloud-based services through partners such as Rhapsody, Spotify and Deezer
  • 32% of operators charge for WiFi access (offload). The challenge for operators is to incorporate offloaded traffic into their policy control architecture

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