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Dynamic Actionable Recognition Technology 

Dynamic Actionable Recognition Technology (DART) is Allot's superior brand of deep packet inspection technology which is embedded in Allot high-performance platforms. DART integrates the company's vast expertise in IP traffic identification and classification into a highly effective toolkit for managing bandwidth utilization and application performance in any access network. DART delivers the granular visibility that enables network operators and service providers to optimize, monetize and personalize their services.


  • Comprehensive visibility of all network traffic 
  • Enhanced QoS policy enforcement and network management 
  • Ability to monetize specific applications and deliver better QoE

Multi-dimensional awareness 

Application: DART identifies and accurately classifies more applications and protocols than any other solution, enabling policy to be enforced at the same level of granularity.

Device: DART can identify the device in use such as dongle, smartphone, or tablet; and its manufacturer, such as iPhone, Samsung, or Blackberry. Device awareness allows operators to monitor users who are tethering their mobile device and using it a modem for another device. 

User: DART identifies the user who is generating the traffic. For example, one user may be playing Destiny or World of Warcraft on his tablet, while another is in a WhatsApp chat on her iPhone, and a third is watching YouTube videos on her Android phone. 

Access: DART provides Cell-aware and CMTS-aware visibility that allows operators to monitor and control traffic flows at specific access points in order to maintain network performance.

Hitless DART Signature Updates 

Hitless updates keep the DART engine inside every Allot platform up to date with the latest application and protocol signatures. DART Signature updates are propagated automatically to all platforms without affecting surrounding services and systems.

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