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Allot’s Dynamic Actionable Recognition Technology 

Dynamic Actionable Recognition Technology (DART) is Allot's deep packet inspection technology. Allot's DART integrates the company's vast expertise in IP traffic classification and identification using a traffic detection function and policy enforcement into a highly effective toolkit for managing bandwidth consumption and service performance in mobile and fixed broadband networks. DART delivers the visibility that enables operators to optimize, monetize and personalize their service.


  • Comprehensive visibility of all network traffic 
  • Enhanced QoS policy enforcement and network management 
  • Ability to monetize specific applications and deliver better QoE

Four layers of network awareness 

Application awareness: DART can identify more applications and protocols than any other solution and assign individual policies to each of them. 

Device awareness: DART can distinguish between different devices – dongles, smartphones, or tablets; and different handset makers – such as iPhone, Samsung, and Blackberry. Allot's device awareness functionality enables operators to monitor tethering – using a mobile device as a modem for another device such as a laptop. 

Subscriber awareness: DART can also identify the user who is generating the traffic. For example, the service provider may see that one subscriber is streaming YouTube videos to his laptop, while another is Skyping from her iPhone. 

Network topology awareness: Network topology is the fourth layer of awareness that DART brings to Allot solutions, providing valuable intelligence on specific areas within the mobile or fixed network. 

Hitless Signature Library Updates 

DART employs hitless signature updates, enabling flows to be continuously and accurately detected and classified while the protocol library is being updated, leaving surrounding systems completely unaffected.

Scaling Network Performance

DART is an integral part of Allot Service Gateway and NetEnforcer inline platforms, which scale from 10 Mbps to 160 Gbps of throughput. 
To download the DART Technology Brief, visit the resource center. 

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