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Allot Proactive Analytics


Harnessing your Web and Subscriber Data

Allot Proactive Analytics takes the guesswork out of network, business and strategic planning by delivering actionable intelligence about web usage and subscriber behavior. Harnessing and aggregating data collected by Allot in-line platforms in conjunction with existing operator systems – Proactive Analytics transforms the data into a full complement of performance and activity metrics.

Allot Proactive Analytics is fully integrated with Allot Service Gateway and its powerful service enablement environment. Allot Proactive Web Analytics delivers aggregate level network data analytics, while Allot Proactive Behavior Analytics focuses on individual and aggregate level subscriber data analysis.

With Allot Proactive Web Analytics you can:

  • Understand your subscribers’ top content usage patterns and preferences 
  • Identify popular web content , apps (e.g. Facebook apps), device models,  and more
  • Pinpoint the best OTT content partners for revenue sharing opportunities
  • Locate the most effective online spaces for your advertising campaigns
  • Spot data usage trends for more accurate infrastructure and investment planning

With Allot Proactive Behavior Analytics you can:

  • Fine tune data plans and reduce churn
  • Introduce promotions that will appeal to specific subscriber segments
  • Launch advertising campaigns that target specific subscriber segments
  • Up-sell and cross-sell the latest devices, service plans, and products


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