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Allot ClearSee Solutions


Allot ClearSee

Breakthrough Network Business Intelligence


Allot ClearSee combines a powerful analytics system with a rich data source to put you ahead of the game:

  • Powerful Self-Service Analytics
    Mine data that's relevant to each user, to visualize complex events and model what-if outcomes
  • Richer Data Source
    Capture a rich variety of network, application, subscriber device and QoE data
  • Big Data Architecture
    Integrate external data feeds or export modeled data at every step of the analysis
  • Exceptional Business Intelligence
    Use Allot ClearSee's pre-integration capabilities to source Quality of Experience (QoE) data from the network and turn into valuable business intelligence


Heavy Reading weighs in on Allot ClearSee and best practices in analytics solutions:

"The Need to Know: Telcos and Big Data Analytics "



 Read more about Allot ClearSee here.







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